New Live Music Video “MRT”



About MRT:


On ‘MRT’, kick arse drums are followed by a powerful vocal to kick off the final track of the album.

“MRT is a title we came up with during the demo process. The melody of the song evokes the feeling of traveling on a train in Bangkok at night,” Gak said, explaining the origins of the song title.

“We chose to go with a raw sound, something a little more underground. I think ‘MRT’ is an appropriate title. I’m thinking, a killer or a hitman travelling on a subway to murder his victim,” Foet said.

A fierce story and a strong sound close the album with a punch. Slot Machine chose this song as the album’s last track to convey the message that there’s still more to look forward to on the band’s journey. And of course, it will be “unconventional”.

And when that next chapter after Spin the World arrives, it will undoubtedly be greeted by an international audience desperate to hear more from this pioneering rock band.



About the Video:


The music video features footage from the band’s recent homecoming “The Mothership” concert in Bangkok, released Feb 12th, 2018